Antinossi Cottage Care  
Free you of worry when not here, making your time more enjoyable when you are!!

Nicolas Antinossi

  As a builder, I know what it took to accomplish your "up north" dreams. 

  Now I'd like to help maintain that dream  & keep it

affordable.       By providing you

dependable property management, convenient services, and potential savings. 



      Antinossi Cottage Care of Charlevoix


  Let Antinossi Cottage Care provide you with peace of mind! By offering security, service, savings. Thru our services like home watch, property management, maintenance, personal services, &  local contact for your cottage, second home or condo. Most services will be provided directly by Antinossi Cottage Care. Those that are not will be selected from a list of preferred contractors or we can supervise yours, doing so with cost containment in mind. Antinossi Cottage Care can free you of worry by looking after your residence when your away from Northern Michigan.

  Maybe you just need an on-call emergency contact, call Nik at Antinossi Cottage Care. 231-588-2221

Antinossi Cottace Care of Charlevoix!